How much is shipping?

It is always free for our products

How long will it take to get my shipment?
Shirts are very quick, you should have your shirts in about a week (USA Only), mugs and other items take longer because of set up time, please allow up to 2 weeks.
What if there is a defect, can I return the shirt?
Of course you can return a shirt or exchange it within 30 days of receipt.  If you want your money back, there is no problem at all. Please contact me, Jack at jack@jacksshirtshack.com, or jill@jacksshirtshack.com (in case Jack is taking a nap)  We will absolutely take good care of you.
What if I want to design my own shirt, or want something special?
Drop me a note jack@jacksshirtshack.com and I will help with that.  Special orders, designs, quantity discounts, we will do everything possible to make what you want.  I must note that we will not produce anything that implies violence or any type of hate or intimidation. We are about peace, love and intellectual stimulation.
How do I make sure that the printing on the shirt lasts as long as possible?
Wash it inside out using the delicate cycle and cool water, or you could wear it in the shower with a close friend/ The print may not last longer, but you probably won't care, the memories will last forever.
How do I send Jack a million dollars?
Well, you probably don't really want to do that, but you can do something almost as good.  Post a picture of yourself on social media wearing our shirt, and we will send you a coupon of 20% off a future purchase.  That way you can help Jack earn a million dollars, and buy Jill that Jaguar she has been asking for..